DESIGN 2020 Online Workshop on Design for Global Sustainable Development

26 October 2020, 14:30 - 16:00 Central European Time


This workshop was a sequel to the first workshop held at ICED2019 at Delft.  We continue the effort to build a network of design researchers, educators, and practitioners based in African countries with particular emphasis on design for sustainable development, and to link them with colleagues in the worldwide design community. 

The workshop focused on the intersection of four research themes generated in the ICED 2019 Delft workshop and four application domains.

The workshop’s objectives were (i) to get deeper insights to the specific needs in an African context; (ii) to develop an actionable plan for research, education, and practice, with respect to the specific needs; (iii) to support the building of teams that can undertake follow-up actions at the intersections in the above matrix

A related objective is to develop specific ways that our African colleagues can participate in the Design Society and its various activities and meetings.  Notably, the Design Society and its members have a strong commitment to sustainable design but Society membership from African countries is very limited. The Society has set a goal to serve as a community builder (per SDG 17) leveraging a number of existing relationships between its members and colleagues in African countries, as well as cultivating new ones with academic, government, and other organizations. The workshop will explore specific ways to achieve this goal.

The specific objectives for outcomes are:

  • Initiate planning for ICED 2021 Workshop;
  • Co-authoring agreements on papers  for ICED 2021 and the Design Science Journal Thematic Collection on Design for Global Sustainable Development
  • Joint research projects;
  • Joint education projects, including instructional work.

Online Location: Hopin DESIGN2020 Conference Page. The main workshop room can be accessed within the Sessions section of Hopin, or by using the following link:

Registration: All workshop participants must be registered via Hopin: http:// A dedicated workshop link was sent to all invited participants that submitted the Google Form Without the link, Hopin will show the workshop "sold out". Attendees of the DESIGN 2020 Main Event can attend the workshop as they wish.

Organising Team: Margareta Norell Bergendahl (KTH, Sweden), Susanne Nilsson (KTH Sweden), Panos Papalambros (Univ of Michigan, USA)

Agenda and Schedule



Introductory Presentations 

Camille Meyer (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Dr Camille's research lies at the intersection of three domains –entrepreneurship, organization theory and sustainability– to explore managerial and organizational issues at the intersection of business and society. In his presentation, he will discuss circular economy with a focus on fashion, and the importance of design in this process.

Chinandu Mwendapole (Botho University, Botswana)

Dr Chinandu Mwendapole is Head of Department for Jewellery Management and Design Gaborone, at Botho University. Her research interests include knowledge and rights, cultural knowledge and the design process, design entrepreneurship, innovations systems and models.

Wycliffe Guguni Nyabade (Strathmore University, Kenya)

Guguni works to facilitate innovation for social and economic progress in communities in Kenya. He has experience in establishing and managing collaborations between social innovators, academia, the public and private sectors to strengthen innovation outcomes and social impact. Guguni was an exchange student at KTH University in 2017/18 under the Global Development Hub partnership with Strathmore University. During the exchange he was in a team of international students working on a water project in the Openlab, Stockholm.

Dorothy Okello (Makerere University, Uganda)

Dorothy Okello is an Ugandan technologist, professor, and engineer known for founding the Women of Uganda Network or WOUGNET. In 2016, she became the first female president of the Uganda Institute of Professional Engineers Association. She is the dean of The College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology at Makerere.

Breakouts (Four rooms):

Goal: Initiate collaborations on planning for ICED2021 Workshop; co-authoring papers (e.g., ICED2021, Design Science Journal Thematic Collection on Global Sustainable Development); joint research projects; and joint education projects. 

Session Topics for the Four Breakout Groups:

1. Education (Moderator: Dorothy Okello)

Hopin Breakout room 1: 


Name Location
Kouame Jean-Moïse Kobenan Côte d’Ivoire
Totona Lonyeiye Kenya
Mamorena Matsoso South Africa
Panos Papalambros United States
Anders Rosén Sweden
Eva Shayo Tanzania
Anabel Sicko United States

2. Effective Resource Usage  (Moderator: Camille Meyer)

Hopin Breakout room 2:


Name Location
Tania Bwari Kenya
Gabriel Dinda Kenya
Srinath Doss Botswana
Theophilus Lekishep Kenya
Emmuanuel Wokulira Miyingo Uganda
Susanne Nilsson Sweden
Paulina Rajski United States

3. Product Service Systems   (Moderator: Chinandu Mwendapole)

Hopin Breakout room 3:


Name Location
Andrew Semakula Ayor Uganda
Margareta Norell Bergendahl Sweden
Angela Hansen South Africa
Denis Ndze Jumbam Botswana
Bernard Shibwabo Kasamani Kenya
Charles Kitonga Kenya
Michelle Wanyang Kenya

4. SDG Innovative Society (Moderator: Wycliffe Guguni Nyabade)

Hopin Breakout room 4:


Name Location
Thiago De Lima Brazil
Jake Hunter United States
Johnathon Serugunda Uganda
Dunja Stevanovic Botswana
Jesper Vasell Sweden
Venkataraman Vishwanathan Botswana


Workshop Participants 

Botho University: 

Name Email
Srinath Doss
Denis Ndze Jumbam
Chinandu Mwendapole
Dunja Stevanovic
Venkataraman Vishwanathan

Federal University of Rio De Janiero:

Name Email
Thiago De Lima

Institut National Polytechnique Félix Houphouët-Boigny (INP-HB):

Name Email
Kouame Jean-Moïse Kobenan

KTH Royal Institute of Technology:

Name Email
Susanne Nilsson
Margareta Norell Bergendahl
Jesper Vasell
Anders Rosén

Makerere University:

Name Email
Andrew Semakula Ayor
Jonathan Serugunda
Dorothy Okello
Emmanuel Wokulira Miyingo

Purdue University:

Name Email
Jake Hunter

Strathmore University:

Name Email
Gabriel Dinda
Bernard Shibwabo Kasamani
Wycliffe Guguni Nyabade
Michelle Wanyang
Totona Lonyeiye
Tania Bwari
Charles Kitonga
Theophilus Lekishep

University of Cape Town:

Name Email
Camille Meyer
Mamorena Matsoso
Angela Hansen

University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM):

Name Email
Eva Shayo

University of Michigan:

Name Email
Panos Papalambros
Anabel Sicko
Paulina Rajski



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